More than 15 years of experience. Individual solutions for your business. 1-year warranty support. I will provide free consultation, contact me!

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Hi there!
My name is Konstantin Gergel.

I have been involved in web development since 2006.

Web services

I automate and digitize any services - delivery, finance, and others

and Startups

I will implement your ideas as MVPs with subsequent refinement and support


Finding solutions for non-standard tasks is the most interesting job for me

I also have a lot of experience in developing e-commerce websites, landing pages, and corporate websites, but lately I haven't been very fond of working on such projects. However, if you have an interesting proposal, I am willing to discuss it. Please message me on my bot: @gergelbot

I handle all stages of the development process myself:

The development of the project and prototypes
Web design development
Adaptive layout for smartphones and PCs
Programming, integrations, APIs

Why I am the right choice for you:


Over 15 years of experience in web development and programming allows me to perform work quickly and qualitatively.


I offer individual solutions for your business without template solutions. 100% secure.

With a guarantee

For 1 year, I will provide free support for the work done in case of errors and failures.

I use in my work:


As for website design, I use Figma – a modern graphic design tool.

Bootstrap 5

I create responsive layout using Bootstrap 5 framework in my work.


I program in the latest version of PHP without using frameworks.


I also use the jQuery JavaScript framework in my development.

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