Online store of professional cosmetics

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Project description

A modern e-commerce website from scratch for a professional cosmetics store, including a customer account with a loyalty program. Integration with a local inventory management system (to upload prices and product availability and download customer orders), calculation of shipping fees based on the weight and size of products with the help of courier services and postal services.

To populate the website with content, supplier websites were parsed for product descriptions, barcodes, and photos.

Website design

A modern and lightweight design in the company's brand colors.

Project features:

  • unique website design
  • responsive website layout using the latest version of Bootstrap
  • bidirectional integration with inventory management software
  • calculation of shipping costs using courier and postal services
  • customer loyalty system, promo codes, and sales

Why I am the right choice for you:


Over 15 years of experience in web development and programming allows me to perform work quickly and qualitatively.


I offer individual solutions for your business without template solutions. 100% secure.

With a guarantee

For 1 year, I will provide free support for the work done in case of errors and failures.

I use in my work:


As for website design, I use Figma – a modern graphic design tool.

Bootstrap 5

I create responsive layout using Bootstrap 5 framework in my work.


I program in the latest version of PHP without using frameworks.


I also use the jQuery JavaScript framework in my development.

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