Lead processing and transmission system for banking services

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Project description

Initially, the client wanted to use a ready-made CRM system, but after discussing their needs, it was decided to develop a custom solution from scratch.

The initial task was a mass check of customer data from an Excel file to see if they were eligible to open a current account, and to submit account opening requests to the bank via API. At first, the check was conducted in only one bank, and then two more banks were added.

Later on, additional functions were added, including obtaining data from open sources using TIN (whether the organization is active, type of activity, etc.), obtaining data from a cloud program for call centers, and exporting data to Excel.

Website design

Minimalistic website design is adapted for mobile phones. The main goal is a simple and user-friendly interface.

Project features:

  • Import and export of customer data from Excel
  • Submitting requests for banking services to three major banks in Russia
  • Receiving and processing data via API from a cloud-based program for calls

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Over 15 years of experience in web development and programming allows me to perform work quickly and qualitatively.


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As for website design, I use Figma – a modern graphic design tool.

Bootstrap 5

I create responsive layout using Bootstrap 5 framework in my work.


I program in the latest version of PHP without using frameworks.


I also use the jQuery JavaScript framework in my development.

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