Development of chatbots for Telegram & Telegram Web Apps

Development with clean code using the official API. Solving any tasks. No blocks, 100% secure. Consultation - free!

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What I offer:

Only official API 100% secure

Chatbots are developed with clean code, without builders, using only the official API, without the risk of blocking.

Development of the bot's work algorithm

I will adjust the work algorithm of your bot based on my experience, or I can help you for free in creating a scheme of its work.

Integration with third-party services and systems

My 15-year experience in web development allows me to connect various third-party services to the bot: banks, payment systems, data storage systems, and others.

Web panel for bot configuration

For each bot, I develop an intuitive and user-friendly web panel where you can customize its work and manage user data.

Work examples:


Multilingual Telegram Web App for a store on Phuket Island, Thailand

Product catalog with photos, as well as customer order history, is loaded from Moy Sklad. New orders are also sent there. Cryptocurrency payment through Wallet Tg. Customer loyalty system.

I designed the application (excluding illustrations), handled the layout, and programmed it.

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A fruit seller approached me - he brought a batch of watermelons and wanted to sell them through a Telegram store.

In a short period, I designed and implemented a Telegram Web App, and also programmed a bot with additional information.

For the store, I created an administrator panel where you can track orders and manage bot settings.

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Why I am the right choice for you:


Over 15 years of experience in web development and programming allows me to perform work quickly and qualitatively.


I offer individual solutions for your business without template solutions. 100% secure.

With a guarantee

For 1 year, I will provide free support for the work done in case of errors and failures.


A Telegram bot in two languages for booking helicopter tours on Bali Island.

After registration in the bot, you can view current offers (routes) with prices and book the desired one for the nearest date.

A convenient web panel for settings and viewing applications has been developed for the bot

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